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  • Raised Edge Convey Belt
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    Owing to space limitation or in case of lifting materials at large slope,raised edge conveyor belt is often used to prevent scatter of conveyed materials,It is suitable for conveying material sat a large slope above(0íŠ-90íŠ).

    1.Materials can be conveyed at a layge alope above 90 angles.
    2.The belt has large loading capacity and the materials can not be scaltered.
    3.The slope of conveying can be changed fron horizontal to sloping.or from sloping to horizontal.
    4.The concey or is simple in structure,flexible in arrangement and occupy only a small area.

    The carcass matorial and strength of the belt can be selected according to the requirements of users,we have the following carcass materials;cotton(CC),Nylon(NN),and Polyester and nylon(EP).

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